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What is a 4K TV and its benefits?

Sel, 05/04/2021 - 15:59


Sharp AQUOS 80” 4K UHD Android TV- 4T-C80CL1X

4K TVs with clearer and smarter features have become a preferred choice among buyers. Nowadays, more 4K movies and shows are available in ultra-high definition.

However, you must be doubting the differences between a 4K TV and a classic 2K (Full HD) TV. Do you really need to upgrade to 4K?

Thus, this blog contains the knowledge you need to know about a 4k TV.

What does the word '4K TV' means?

When we talk about 4K TV, names like Ultra HD, UHD, and 4K Ultra HD are often being bandied. However, they all refer to the same thing. 4K TVs are televisions with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which have more than 8m pixels in total. 4K TV's pixels is four times the number in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080).

A 4K TV works more effectively on a larger screen. The resolution and the latest picture processing technology make more precise and astounding 4K images. The result is a stunning clarity that makes all images come to life.

What are the Differences between 4K and 2K (Full HD) TV?

Resolutions and Pixels

The most important difference between a 2K (Full HD) TV and a 4K TV is that the latter has a higher resolution that provides sharper images.

Meanwhile, the resolution is differed by the pixel numbers, the smallest digital graphic unit displayed on a device. These pixels are organized into rows and columns.

The resolution will define how many pixels there are in each row (width) and each column (height).

Differences between a 2K and 4K TV


Pixels of 2K and 4K TVs:

  • 2K or Full HD: 1920 x 1080
  • 4K or Ultra HD (UHD): 3840 x 2160

We usually refer to a 2K resolution as 1080p which sounds more familiar.

So, a Full HD TV with a 1920 x 1080 resolution means that it displays 1920 pixels per line and 1080 per column. Meanwhile, a 4K TV displays 3840 pixels per line and 2160 per column.

To put it simply, the more pixels mean the better display quality for the viewing experience.


You can straightly spot the difference of color displayed when you stand in front of both 4K and 1080p TVs.

4K TVs can achieve a wider color gamut, offering a more extensive palette of colors than a 1080p TV.

A 4K TV screen looks stunning as it can display images with a more accurate depth with exceptional contrast between light and dark than a Full HD TV. With this feature, 4K TVs can display lifelike images nearly identical to what you see in real life.

Besides, 4K is now the preferred resolution to look for HDR or Ultra HD (UHD) features.


Smaller screen devices such as laptops and computer monitors are widely available in 1080p TVs.

We can say that Full HD TV resolutions are more suitable on smaller screen devices. This is because screens at 40″ and below are not large enough for 4K to look noticeably clearer or sharper.


Difference of 2k and 4K TV content

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Besides, a Full HD TV and 4K TVs also differed in their availability and content.

Almost all streaming platforms support Full HD TV content in the past, but major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube have already joined the 4K team now.

Benefits of a SHARP 4K TV

  • Picture quality – Resolution

A 4K display reveals so much more nuances and detail. You will be more like "gazing through a window" instead of watching a TV due to their realistic image quality displayed.

Also, the higher pixel density of a 4K TV also enables you to get much closer without the grid-like structure of the image itself becoming visible –this means you can comfortably watch a much larger screen from the same seating position as your current Full HD panel.

  • TV powered by Android TVTM – a New Convenient Lifestyle Start with Sharp AQUOS 4K.

SHARP's 4K TV promises you an easier way to enjoy the entertainment you love by streaming from your favorite apps, playing music and games, casting from any device, and more.

Google Assistant

SHARP 4K TV Google Assistant

Android TV™ with the Google Assistant provides a smarter viewing experience. You can quickly access entertainment, get answers on screen, control smart devices around your home, and more using your voice. Press the Assistant button on your remote to get started.

  • Meet over 7,000 apps on Google Play

It brings together all the entertainment you love and helps you explore it in new ways, anytime, anywhere.

  • Connect from Phone

Sharp's AQUOS 4K TV lets you stream your favorite entertainment from your phone, tablet, or laptop right to your TV.

  • Control Smart Home Devices

Use your voice to create the perfect viewing environment. You can control your smart home devices at your ease, be it adjust room temperature, lighting, and more.

  • Games

Chromecast built-in technology in 4K TV lets you stream your favorite games from your phone, tablet, or laptop right to your television in 4K mode.

Aside from the incredibly sharp images that are its hallmark, it also supports faster refresh rates, has low-latency game modes, and can deliver stunning imagery through its HD modes in 4K.


Sharp AQUOS 65” 4K UHD Android TV- 4T-C65CK1X

Simply put, 4K TV is designed to bring the sorts of things you enjoy on your phone to your TV.

Google Assistant on SHARP 4K TV 
  • Upconvert to 4K quality

Although we are now firmly in the modern era, we are not all watching 4K content. Full HD images on a 4K panel will not look better, just bigger, however, unless some clever upscaling is used.

But now, with 4K TVs' Upconverter technology, it can convert your SD or HD videos into 4K resolution, producing superior image quality. The upscaling process ensures that the image or video fills the screen's 4K resolution.

Content of 4K

  • Streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube

We can see that many industry leaders are making the 4K switch now. More famous platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and many more content are available in 4K resolutions, and more platforms are expected to join the team soon.

Streaming services of SHARP 4K 


You need to watch them in 4K resolutions if you want to enjoy the best image, video, and audio quality. Streamed 4K movies can bring you to the next level of watching experience.

Also, the movie is sharper in fine details, has fewer distracting artifacts, and has a better overall image.

On the audio side, even streaming content uses compressed audio formats, but in 4K, it will deliver to your lossless audio for enhanced clarity.


Enjoy the Biggest Excitement Together

SHARP Exclusive AQUOS technology
SHARP TV exclusive AQUOS technology 


4K Upconverter

Sharp 4K Upconverter can convert your SD or HD videos into 4K resolution, producing superior image quality.

4K Digital Noise Reduction

SHARP 4K Digital Noise Reduction

This technology maintains clear image quality by reducing the undesirable pixelation that occurs during upconversion.

Better color reproduction

SHARP TVs are notable with better color reproduction to provide a more realistic viewing experience.

Color Optimizer

SHARP 4K Color Optimizer

The optimizer automatically adjusts the color displayed to those naturally detected by the human eye, resulting in actual color.

Tone Optimizer

A tone optimizer gives natural color tones by providing you with 64 times more color levels when compared to regular displays.

4K U HDR Real Contrast

SHARP 4K U HDR Real Contrast

Pictures display superb and accurate depth and exceptional contrast between light and dark, delivering a nuanced picture.

Comfort Luminance Display

Comfort Luminance Display uses an LED backlight to produce an extraordinary, true-to-life brightness.

SHARP’s TV 7 Shields Japan Quality

ALL SHARP products pass strict Japanese quality standards. SHARP TVs are proven to have safe protection and high endurance under various circumstances.

Lightning Shield

Watching video during heavy rain without worries due to TV parts following EMC standard.

Heavy Weight Shield

The design of our wall mounting brackets are tested against IEC 60065 weight loading standards.

Voltage Shield

Safe product operation is ensured throughout, as our TVs can handle more than the standard voltage (110V-240V)

Drop Shield

The protective performance of our packaging and the durability of SHARP LED TVs are proven by passing strict drop tests.

Stability Shield

Our proven structural stability has been benchmarked against IEC 60065 standards

Vibration Shield

Our quality carton packaging design and high build quality of SHARP LED TVs are proven to be vibration resistant during delivery

High Temperature & Humidity Shield

Reliable SHARP LED TVs are proven and tested based on IEC 60065 standards to withstand high temperature and humidity settings.

Specifications You Couldn't Resist:


4K Ultra HD - AQUOS 4K TVs come with the latest HDR standards and couple with SHARP's high luminance technology, giving you a consistent lifelike contrast between light and darkness.

X4 Master Engine Pro II - The X4 Master Engine Pro II processor allows SD and HD videos to be up-converted to 4K resolution with minimal noise while maintaining image quality.

Android TV - Enjoy a great variety of apps for videos, news, and games from Google Play with the latest all-in-one Smart Remote.

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