1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-FR18ND-BR/PK/SL Compare
3 in 1 Functions : Memasak, menghangatkan dan mengukus Anti lengket dan anti gores dengan panci tebal berukuran 1.0mm Fungsi penghangatan yang melalui 3
EI-N05-P/B Compare
Fitur Utama: Dry Iron Non-Stick Coating Thermal Safety Cut Off Indication Lights
550 Watt Blender EM-TI175G Compare
Wadah kaca dengan kapasitas besar 1.75L Kenop putar dengan 5 mode kecepatan berbeda Dilengkapi dengan Thermostat untuk keamanan pemakaian Mata Pisau dapat dilepas, mudah
EC-8305 Compare
Dry Vacuum Cleaner Fashionable Design with Gloss Painting Efficient cleaning with power control and 2-ways nozzle Gentle maneuvering with the compact body Soft Rubber
EKJ-156-BK Compare
360° Rotational Plastic Kettle Auto Lid Opening Function Dry Boil Protection On/Off Switch with Indicator Light
KZ-2S02-BK Compare
Pop-Up Sandwich Toaster Function : Defrost, Reheat, and Cancel Setting Adjustable Browning Control Self Centering Setting Removable Crumb Tray for Easy Cleaning
EC-NS18-BK/RD Compare
Single Cyclone Variable Power Control Exhaust HEPA Filter Ergonomic Handle Easy Emptying
EC-A1RA Compare
Cordless Stick Cleaner Powerful Cyclone Suction Quick Charging Lightweight & Ergonomic 0.13L Dust Bin Capacity Vertical
EC-HX100 Compare
Mite Catcher Mattress Cleaner User-Friendly Handle Cord length 5m HEPA Filter
EC-CW60 Compare
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Vacuuming and Blowing operation Excellent to blow dust and debris Gentle maneuvering with the compact body Washable reusable filter
1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-N18ME-L/C Compare
3 in 1 Functions : Memasak, menghangatkan dan mengukus Anti lengket dan anti gores Inner lid tidak dapat dilepas Menjaga nasi tetap hangat hingga
KZS-71-BK Compare
Multiplate Sandwich Toaster Sandwich Cooking Plates, Grill Plates, Waffle Plates Non-stick Heating Plate for Easy Cleaning Removable and Replacement Heating Plate With Two Lamps
0.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-P8MY-GR/WH/RD Compare
Mechanical Type Fashionable Design Innovative apple-design Thick inner pot 1.5mm, non sticking and healthy. Accessories : steamer, spon rice.
LIBRE Pop-Up Toaster Power consumption 700W Auto Pop-Up Toast for 2 slices Removable Crumb Tray for easy cleaning
KZS-70L(W) Compare
LIBRE Sandwisch Toaster Power Consumption 700W Heating indicator Non Stick teflon coating for easy cleaning
1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-R18MS-GY/PP/BR/PK Compare
3 in 1 Functions : Memasak, menghangatkan dan mengukus Ceramics Coating 72 Hours keep warm With Removable aluminum inner lid Undetachable power cord Accessories
7 Liter Rice Cooker KSH-777 Compare
Capacity 7 Litre Accesories : Spoon Holder , Measuring Cup , Plastic Spoon , Streamer Tray Modern Switch Panel Reheating and Cooking
EM-H53-WH Compare
Hand mixer with plastic body Turbo Speed 5 Level speed control knob Safety eject button
EM-S53-WH Compare
Stand mixer with plastic body With hooks and beaters Eject button with safety device 5 selector speeds with turbo Design on the hook/beater matching
1.8 Liter Touch Panel Rice Cooker KS-T18TL Compare
4 in 1 Functions LCD DIsplay Capacity 1.8L 72 Hours can Heat Rice