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How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Jum, 06/11/2021 - 13:10

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?- SHARP Indonesia

Air conditioners (AC) serve multiple purposes, making them a vital appliance in the home or workplace. An air conditioner not only maintains the right moisture content and temperature but also improves air quality.

According to AC working principle, an AC unit circulates filtered, clean air into space. It draws the heat and humidity from an area and lowers down the surrounding temperature.

In this case, sheet metal ductwork is used, and the process is carried out according to a scientific principle, utilizing a specialized chemical known as refrigerant or "coolant."

The above scientific principle is how an AC mainly works theoretically, while the rest is carried out mechanically. Now, let's take a closer look at how air conditioning can help to keep your house cool.

Types of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are consumer electronics that come in a few different varieties:


Split air conditioner

A split unit air conditioning system is the most common choice that fits for home. It is divided into two parts: the air or water-cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit.


cassette air conditioner

Cassette units operate in the same manner as wall-mounted split system units. Cassette differs from split in that it is installed in the ceiling rather than the wall.


portable air conditioner

As the name implies, a portable air conditioner works in the same way as a wall-mounted air conditioner, except that it is portable and less expensive.

How does an Air Conditioner cool your home?

To understand how air conditioners work, you must first understand the three major components that comprise the air conditioner:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
Three main air conditioner component


The three components work together for the air conditioner to function. To begin, a chemical known as refrigerant or coolant is converted from gas to liquid and then back again. The compressor raises the pressure and temperature of the chemical before sending it to the condenser.

Condenser and evaporator

The condenser is responsible for converting the coolant into a liquid. When the coolant is in liquid form, it is returned to the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil, as the name implies, evaporates the coolant, which cools the indoor coil.

Cooled air out

A fan then blows the cooled air out, and the coolant absorbs the heat from the house. Similarly, the coolant is cooled repeatedly until the house reaches the desired temperature. This process is repeated until the house gets the desired temperature.

How does an Air Conditioner remove hot air and blow cold air?

In short, the refrigerant is responsible for the main working principle of air conditioners. First, the refrigerant absorbs heat from its surroundings, raising its temperature. It then rises in the form of high-pressure and high-temperature gas from the compressor to the condenser.

The cold air produced is circulated outwards by a fan, which aids in distributing to the desired locations. The desired ambient temperature is thus achieved.

How Does SHARP's Plasmacluster Ion Technology Air Conditioner Work?

How Does SHARP's Plasmacluster Ion Technology Air Conditioner Work?

Plasmacluster ions are surrounded by water molecules and are released into the air. The ions form hydroxide (OH) radicals that will be highly oxidizing when they adhere to the surfaces of airborne microbes. The microbes including suspended allergens, bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Also, it removes hydrogen from the surface proteins, breaking them down. The hydroxide (OH) radicals combine with hydrogen(H) to form water (H20) which is returned to the air.

Advantages of SHARP Air Conditioner Plasmacluster Ion Technology

One of the unique features of SHARP Plasmacluster air conditioners is the production of positive and negative ions similar to those occurring in nature. These ions help combat many airborne viruses, mold, and other contaminants.

In addition, these air conditioners have a self-cleaning option which makes sure that your air conditioners are never dirty.

What makes SHARP Air Conditioner Plasmacluster Ion Technology different from others?

SHARP Plasmacluster air conditioners take a massive intake of hot air, which speeds up the cooling process. Through this, the temperature can be increased up to 5° in 5 minutes.

SHARP Coanda airflow

In addition, it also provides an extended (Coanda) airflow, which is about 15 meters. This makes sure that all the areas of your room are getting equal airflow.

Why should you choose SHARP Air Conditioner Plasmacluster Ion Technology?

SHARP air conditioners use AI and IoT integration. Motion detectors are used, which determine if someone is present in the room or not.

In addition, SHARP air conditioners can also work through Smart Control Apps on your phone. You can control your air conditioner via a smartphone even when you are away from home. What's exciting is, you can walk right into a comfortable home by turning on the air conditioner just before arriving home.

SHARP smart control App

Also, you can easily adjust the air volume, wind direction, and timer settings at your fingertips.

SHARP Air app enables you to observe the temperature and humidity of the room anytime and anywhere to help you find the most suitable setting for your room.

The app allows you to view and monitor your air-conditioner operational usage to get better use out of your air conditioner. It even lets you know when to perform the cleaning service.

Get ready for a smart, cooler experience in your space? Click Here for more product models and specifications: